BREATH tells the true story of Francesco...
A child born with a heart malformation, who decides, he was 12 years old, to deal with his destiny by facing his greatest fear, that of not being able to live a normal life. He will cope with every effort using the most powerful weapon he possesses: his imagination.
The project was born to don't forget Francesco Brutti, who passed away on 11.27.09 due to a complication during yet another heart operation, which should have given to him the opportunity to have a life as any other boy of his age.


A message of courage and hope

This short film was born in memory of Francesco Brutti, a young boy from Cupra Marittima, suffering from a heart malformation that led to his death at 20 years old.

His story and his strength in dealing with the disease were an inspiration to convey a message of courage and hope to people who face difficult times, but above all it wants to be an invitation to life and to make sense of it! Principle that should be the basis of the existence of all of us and that instead is too often forgotten in this society of appearances and consumerism.


"When me and Francesco were children, we had a tacit agreement, that I would be the body and he would be the brain. I would have ran with him sitting on my shoulders or I would have carried him in my arms if there had been too many stairs to climb. I think friendship works like this"

This project also wants to celebrate friendship in its most intimate meaning of closeness between people who cannot share their daily life,but who do everything to remain united.
BREATH is a project that aims to promote artistic Italian genius. Every year, many young creatives reluctantly decide to leave Italy, due to a lack of projects and companies, putting aside friendship and family just to follow the professional dream.
This project draws them to itself with the expectation of sensitizing national market and showing it that cinema must be a source of investment to be exploited in our territory.

Francesco’s events take place in his hometown’s streets, the village of Cupra Marittima. Colors, history and architecture are highlighted in the film and give visibility to the magnificent region of Marche, unfortunately too often underestimated.

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Direct by Giacomo Mora


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