The association “Dare vita ad un’idea – ODV”
is the cradle that allows BREATH, like other projects, to develop.
The association was created to organize and manage cultural, artistic or recreational activities of local social interest, for purpose is to give prominence and visibility to the magnificent Marche region and specifically to the city of Cupra Marittima.

Include activities, including editorial activities, for the promotion and dissemination of culture and practice of volunteering and activities to promote the general interest, giving priority to everything that includes and enhances the Marche region; interventions for the protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage and the local landscape; extra-curricular training, aimed at preventing early school leaving and academic and educational success, through activities of social and cultural interest, courses and also through the requalification of unused local public assets.
Furthermore, it was created to remember Francesco Brutti, through a short film called Breath, in order to convey an invitation to life and to give meaning to it! A principle that is too often forgotten in this society of appearance and consumerism.

This project also wants to celebrate friendship in its most intimate meaning of closeness between people who cannot share their daily lives, but who do everything to remain united.

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Direct by Giacomo Mora


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